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On Medicine and Miracles, by Teresa Holler, MS, PA-C, is a great book full of knowledge, advice and teaching on healing via various methods…This book will interest anyone who has a passion for healing, both naturally and supernaturally.”

-Paul Manwaring, Senior Pastor at Bethel Church, Overseer of Global Legacy, an apostolic relational network of revival leaders, and author of What on Earth is Glory and Kisses from a Good God

Teresa is a star. She energetically delivers news that could profoundly change your life and positively affect your health and longevity.

-Fred Saxon, Emmy award winning CNN correspondent

On Medicine and Miracles was a wonderful read...I found the book full of helpful information...She gave valuable insights into what might cause a person to have difficulty receiving healing from God that were practical, biblical, and helpful….this was a very balanced book, full of scriptures, and wisdom gained from the medical profession…You should read this book if you are interested in the healing ministry.” 

–Dr Randy Clark, Founder and President of Global Awakening and the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening​

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  • Have you seen numerous doctors and specialists, yet walked away without answers?
  • Have you been prayed for time and again without being healed?
  • Do you think God has forgotten about you?
  • Have you lost all hope for your healing?

If you or a loved one can answer yes to any of the above, then this book is for you!

Do You Need a Miracle?
Teresa Holler
Miracles can and do happen today, but you have a role to play in seeing miracles manifest in your life. On Medicine and Miracles bridges the divide between conventional and alternative medicine as well as physical and supernatural healing while empowering you to co-labor with God on the road to your medical breakthrough.. 

You will discover:

-Which holistic medical treatments are scripturally-sound and which are not.

-How subtle symptoms slowly compromise health and what to do about it.

-Shocking misconceptions about healthy eating.

-How to locate a doctor who will treat root causes of sickness rather than simply managing symptoms. 

-Resources for inner healing and freedom from spiritual oppression.

-Simple steps that invite God’s miraculous intervention into your life.

-How to learn God’s strategy for your healing​.
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